Why Get a Private Cloud?

Every cloud based telephony application software out there runs on a Public Cloud or Community Cloud. This means all the virtual server machines and application software are resources shared by all the cloud provider’s customers.

Think of Facebook. Everyone is using just one application software, all the application utilities necessary to make it work, and one set of virtual server machines. So, when there is too much junk in any of these resources or there is a glitch somewhere, a slowdown or downtime will affect everyone.

Not all cloud based application software vendors provide a private cloud version. The main reason is that it’s painstakingly difficult to manage. The vendor company will have to replicate everything – virtual server machines, application software, operating systems, system software, utilities – for only one customer. Hence, the effort to manage a private cloud with one customer is almost the same as managing the thousands of customers in the public cloud. Multiply those private cloud customers and the management effort increases exponentially.

But GoAutoDial has got that down to a tee. As successful as our entry-level public cloud app in www.justgocloud.com with dozens of customers and over 4,000 subscribed users, having dozens more of Private Cloud Edition customers is already a way of life with us. With the same application software used and all its features and functions intact, the Private Cloud Edition gives you more, like:

  • Dedicated virtual server machines regardless of the number of seats you start with or end up using – from 5 seats to 500 seats, it doesn’t matter to you; we’ll manage the increase at our own cost and effort
  • Sub-domain branding, i.e. http://xyzcompany.justgocloud.com
  • Company branding on all user interfaces or screens; also called “white label” or “private label”
  • Multiple admin accounts; a public cloud customer gets only one admin account
  • Multiple tenant accounts; this is like you being the master account and your ability to create child accounts, whereby each account is a customer on its own under your private cloud
  • Major customizations and integration is now possible; unlike in the public cloud where any major customization will affect all other tenants and their users, you are the only user of your private cloud. Therefore, any customization work you require will never be a problem

As much as we’d like to give you the private cloud at the same “NO cost, NO commitment” value as our www.justgocloud.com public cloud edition, there is no one to share the cost of this infrastructure with except you. But we made sure the cost to acquire your own Private Cloud Edition of JustGoCloud.com will not strain your budgets.

NEW PRICE STARTING 2014! We’ve reduced our prices this year by almost HALF!

JustGoCloud Private Cloud Costs Grid--New Price

Remember, you are paying for your own private cloud infrastructure where no other entity but yourself will be using. It is regardless of the number of users (or seats) you will end up operating with, which means you can amortize the total cost across hundreds of seats if you or your accountant wants to.

Besides, the Private Cloud is an option we can’t refuse our small business owner if he or she wants a private cloud for peace of mind, right?