Getting Started Guide on setting up your Cloud Based Call Center

1. Login to your client portal using the link

Client Area

2. Click on My Services to view the list of your Products and Services.

My Services

3. Select a JustGoCloud package. 

My Products and Services

4. Your GoAutoDial URL will be posted together with your server log in credentials.

Server login URL and credentials

5. Click on the link and login using the provided username and password.

6. Signup a JustGoVoIP account. Click on your JustGOvoIP account balance on your GOadmin dashboard.

New Add Screenshot


JustGOvoip Account Balance

7. Click on Signup for free or Next button to proceed.

JustGOvoip signup

8. Input the required fields.

Account information

9. Once done you will be informed that an account has been successfully created, you will also receive an email JustGOVoIP CE Signup Confirmation. You can use the login information to login to your JustGOvoip account. Note: Check your spam folder if you don't receive a Signup Confirmation email on your inbox.

Signup Confirmation

10. By default Paypal payment option is disabled. To provide additional security on your account we do require the following documents. Please file a support ticket on your client portal and provide your VoIP account number and attach the required documents.

1. A screenshot of their paypal account with their name and their email address visible.

2. A copy of your government issued ID or passport.

3. A copy of your most recent utility bill.

JustGOvoip account

11. File a support ticket by navigating to Support and Select Tickets.

Support Ticket

12. Click on Open New Ticket and state your concern.

Support Tickets List


Filling a ticket

13. Once done hit submit. You will be then informed that you have successfully created a support ticket.

Ticket created

14. Once your documents has been reviewed you will be informed via ticket and your Paypal payment option will be activated.

15. Loading credits on your JustGOvoip account. Login to your VoIP account using the link and input your web login and web password provided on your email or click the JustGOvoip account balance on your GOadmin dashboard.

Paypal payment enabled

17. Click on the "Make Payment" and input the desired amount. Once done click on "Proceed with Payment". Please note the minimum amount that can be loaded is $30.


18. Login to your paypal account and after reviewing your order click "Pay Now" button to proceed.

Paypal Login

Order Summary

19. To complete the process, you need to click "Return to Goautodial Inc" and you will be provided with transaction ID for the following payment from paypal and receive a confirmation message sent to your email.

Click Return to Goautodial Inc

20. It's important to click "Return to Goautodial Inc" to complete the payment process (so your payment gets posted to your account automatically).

21. Finish the process by clicking "click here".

Note: The browser might not refresh and when that happens your payment will not reflect instantaneously on the account. So please make sure to manually click the "Click here" link to avoid problems.

Click Here button

22. Create Campaign. Navigate to Telephony then Campaigns. 


23. Click on Add New Campaign. Click Next once done.

Create campaign

24. Upload your lead file. Please note that your lead file should be csv comma delimted or in xls format. You can also skip the uploading of leads by clicking Next button. You can choose between No Duplicate Check, Check for duplicates by phone in list ID and Check for duplicates by phone in all campaign list depending on your campaign requirement. Click Upload Leads once done.

Leads loader

25. Select the corresponding field then click OK TO PROCESS once done.

Leads upload

26. Uploaded leads status will be posted. Click Next once done.

leads status

27. Your campaign summary will appear giving you an option to Finish or Modify the campaign settings. Choose your Dial Method from Manual, Autodial or Predictive dialling. On Carrier to use for this Campaign select your JustGOvoip account. e.g. GOCE1234567890

campaign settings

28. Setting and Logging in as Agent. Navigate to Telephony > Users to check on your agent credentials. You can also view the agent and phone credentials on the GOadmin dashboard. Please see the link on how to configure your softphone. once your softphone is configured you can proceed on logging in as agent.


User credentials

29. Once your softphone is configured you can now log in as Agent. Input your credentials and select a campaign then click LOGIN once done. Upon log in your softphone will ring and you need to click on the answer button. You will then hear the audio prompt "You are the only person in this conference". You can now minimize your softphone. Please note not to click hangup on the softphone or you will be disconnected from your web session.

Agent Login

30. Click on Dial Next when your on a Manual Dial method and click Resume if you are on a AutoDial or Predictive campaign.


31. Once done click on Hang up button and select a disposition to proceed on your next call.

Hangup UI

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