How to add Custom Fields

1. Navigate to side menu and click "Telephony" then select "Lists".

Create Custom Field

2. Go to the upper right portion then click "Create New List".

Create Custom Field

3. Type the List Name and Description then click "Submit".

Create Custom Field

4. From the "List menu", Click on the "Custom Fields" Tab.

Create Custom Field

5. Click "Create Custom Fields" button to add custom fields to your list.

Create Custom Field

6. Select the list id that you want to add the custom fields and input your desired custom field name then hit "Submit".


  • Labels = Do not use special characters or spaces
  • Name = This field will show on the agents screen and when you are uploading leads.
  • Options = This should be the same with "Labels" and should be in between "--A--" sample "--B--". i.e. --A--company_name--B--
  • Option Position = The direction of custom field that will appear on agent UI
  • Field Size = Text box size that will show on the agent UI
  • Field Max = Max character that you can input on the custom field
Create Custom Field

8. Confirmation message click "OK"

Create Custom Field

9. FYI! We have created 2 additional custom field examples on this tutorial (Card Number and Reference Number)

Create Custom Field

10. Clickthe green info button
to preview the custom fields that will show on the agent UI.

Create Custom Field

11. Example custom form page. This will be the format of the fields that will show on the agent UI.

Create Custom Field

Howto Upload Leads with Custom Fields

1. Navigate to top menu and click "Telephony" then select "Lists".

Upload Leads with Custom Fields

2. From the "List menu", Click on the "Load Leads" Tab.

Upload Leads with Custom Fields

3. Upload your lead file with custom fields and make sure to choose the correct "LIST ID". Click "UPLOAD LEADS" when ready.

Upload Leads with Custom Fields

4. Select the appropriate fields using the drop down menu then click "OK TO PROCESS" button to start uploading your leads.

Upload Leads with Custom Fields

5. Once the uploading of the leads is done, you can now activate your list id and advice your agent to login to the campaign.

How To Copy Custom Fields from another List

1. From the "List menu", Click on the "Custom Fields" Tab.


2. Click the "Create Custom Field" button and select Copy Custom Fields from the drop down list.


3. On the "List ID to copy Fields from" select your source list ID where you created your custom fields and on the "Copy fields to another list" select the List ID where you want to copy the custom fields.

Copy Option -When copying field definitions from one list to another, you have a few options for how the copying process works. APPEND will add the fields that are not present in the destination list, if there are matching field labels those will remained untouched, no custom field data will be deleted or modified using this option. UPDATE will update the common field_label fields in the destination list to the field definitions from the source list. custom field data may be modified or lost using this option. REPLACE will remove all existing custom fields in the destination list and replace them with the custom fields from the source list, all custom field data will be deleted using this option.


4. Once done click Submit and you should see similar to this.


5. Navigate to List Menu and select Custom Field tab. Clicking the Green information button of the list you copied your custom fields to verify it was copied correctly.


Howto view custom fields on agent UI

1. Once the agent gets a "LIVE CALL", they can now click the "Custom Form" botton to view the created custom fields.

Custom Form

2. Custom form and informations will pop-up on the agent UI.

Custom Form
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