How to create Drop-ins app in dropbox?

1. You should have Dropbox account. Create dropbox account from this link

2. Login to your dropbox account. In order for you to upload files you need to create a drop-ins app.
    To create drop-ins app point your browser to

3. Select the radio button "Drop-ins app" then enter your desired app name for this example we used mp3Recordings. Once done press "Create app" button.

Create App Folder

4. After you create your drop-ins app it will automatically forward to your drop-ins settings(for this example we make used of CSRecordings) or You may use this link . Under the "Settings" - "Chooser/Saver Domains" field add your Goautodial URL(e.g. or or by pressing the "Add" button. Take note of the App key assigned to your drop-ins app. You need app key for you to enable Dropbox in your Goautodial web application. You can now go back to and perform step #2.  

Below is the link on how to use dropbox(what is dropbox, add/delete/edit/share folder, etc).

Edit Folder App

 appkey and domain

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